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AUBG Daily’s New Website

A prototype of the future website layout of the main page

Take an exclusive peek of the design and features of AUBG Daily's future website.

The Concept of Beauty


Georgia “Gene” Berryhill was on AUBG campus on Feb. 10 sharing her passion for photography, art and the search for beauty. Find more about it with AUBG Daily.

TEDxAUBG Workshops: Develop an Idea, Say It Out Loud, and Present It


TEDxAUBG organized workshops with prof. Lucci, prof. Phillips, and Boris Hristov who taught AUBG students how to develop ideas, structure a speech, and create a visual presentation. Find out more with AUBG Daily.

The Secrets Behind AUBGTalks


AUBGTalks organized a workshop to shed light on the working process behind producing a successful video material.

Design Your Mind


Do you want to start a successful business or just try to find a solution to your problem? Then, you should learn more about design thinking.

Inside JMC Rocks


JMC Rocks presidents Kseniya Linnikova and Maria Kucheryavaya in a Q&A session about the latest news around their club.

Style comes with Fall


"I think what the real style has to transform who you are and how you feel. If you feel bizarre, you will look bizarre but at least by looking at you people will know who you are."

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