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Students Interested in Debates Now Have the Chance to Practise


Two students with previous experience in debates establish a debating club at AUBG. How will they apply their skills and knowledge to the university's curriculum?

EU Politician for Five Days


The Model Eurpean Union simulation in Belgrade gathered 200 students from different countries. Read a detailed overview of it by one of our owls!

SG Prospective Senators Debate 2013


Here is a brief overview of what was said and promised at this year's senator pre-election debate.

The Debate on Smoking in Public – Renewed

Image courtesy of eatock.com.

Independent parliament members and owners of hotels, clubs, and restaurants want to bring smoking back.

SG Senate Debates Fill Andrey Delchev Auditorium


All the candidates for a senator position in the next Student Government answered questions by President Timophey Koroteev and the audience.

Pre-election Debate


The candidates for the leading positions in the new Student Government took part in a pre-election debate yesterday evening. Chek out what they had to say before casting a vote today.

Anonymous Unleashes Operation ” The Black March”

Image: WEB

Anonymous organization is announcing its new project called ''The Black March''

A Step Ahead in Politics

Recruitment Poster urging "Be the Change!"

Spartak Sofiykov, President of the newly established Students' Club of Political Science at AUBG, talks about the idea behind the creation of the club and its future goals.

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