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What’s new? Literature Department


Are new courses being offered, new minors? Is there going to be a centre for visual and performing arts?

Self-Design It!


A recent interview with Dean Miree led to some clarification on the Self-Designed Major and independent study at AUBG.

OCC Strikes Back: A New Information System


A new information system is going to replace the course registration website for the Spring '13 semester registration.

The New Old Course


Marketing Research will be offered in Spring 2013

BOT Reports Get Ideas From a Facebook Group

fb group

Student representative in front of BOT Marzhan Dozshanova listens to student concerns through a Facebook group.

Radio Aura as an Internship


Radio AURA, once part of the university, is now privately owned and a question arises weather working in the radio can be considered an official internship.

To Reply or Not to Reply?

fac eval 3

Should AUBG professors reply to students comments in SG's "faculty evaluation" section? What is your opinion?

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