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A Comradeship for a Professor’s Legacy: ABF’s Communist Posters


A temporary or a permanent communist poster exhibition of the late Dr. Cosmina Tanasoiu? Find the answer with AUBG Daily.

A Beautiful Mind

Prof. Tanasoiu Photo: www.aubg.edu

The AUBG community gathered on Friday, Oct. 7, to honor the memory of Prof. Tanasoiu.

Roots and Future of The European Refugee Crisis

Round Table Discussion

How far have we come as a European society and what are the possible solutions to the current refugee crisis in Europe?

What’s New? POS and EUR Department


Are new courses being offered? What is a centre for good governance? What new academic project has been initiated?

A Weekend in the EU: MEU Blagoevgrad


The first ever Model European Union conference was held on campus this past weekend.

EU Institutions Simulation at AUBG

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Seventy young people from twenty-six countries gathered this weekend for the first EU Institutions Simulation held at AUBG.

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