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Bankrupting America – Will it Happen on November 1?


"The days of American economic hegemony are numbered..." want to learn more about it? Check out what the POS Club has prepared for you

LipDub Takes AUBG by Storm


The AUBG LipDub is ready and posted!

Promotional Posters Meet Rejection


New restrictions on promotional posters challenge AUBG clubs and organizations. The administration's reasons and the club's reactions - all featured here.



AUBG has a new math club, established to prove that math can be fun.

Midtermination vol.2


Piano Bar was rocked by the Midtermination on Wednesday, Feb. 27, 2013.

Smells Like Volleyball Spirit


AUBG Olympics volleyball challenge brings people together through fire of sport spirit.

“The Boy Who Was a King” Dissects a Royalty’s Life


The film mixes the captivating story of a king with the stories of ordinary Bulgarians.



New AUBG club will introduce Japanese culture to the community. Arigato from all the Japanese aficionados!

AUBGers Banned from Playing Soccer


AUBG soccer aficionados have been banned from using Blagoevgrad's facilities for their soccer tournaments.

“Being Ginger” Shows How It Really Feels to Be Different

The Official Poster of the Film

Can hair color shape one’s life? One of the Documentary Club’s screenings tells the touching story of a red-haired man.

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