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The Magic Behind the Movie: Nu Boyana

Steliyana Yordanova for AUBG Daily

One of the best production studios in Europe that has everything from script to screen, has come to AUBG. Learn more about the variety of possibilities Nu Boyana Film Studios has to offer.

“What we have here is a dreamer…”


Marina Penkova, a second-year Journalism and Mass Communication student, is a social butterfly with a love for black and white classics, 50s style and peculiar movie quotes.

The Turkish Ambassador at AUBG

Turkish amb

The Turkish Ambassador in Bulgaria - Süleyman Gökçe, explained the current relationship between Turkey and Bulgaria as some ideas on the future development of the country.

Thank You Sid

Georvi Ivanov's personal archive

Alumni Talk the Talk Series. Guest post by Georgi Ivanov (class of 2006).

Artsy on the Shores of Thessaloniki


How about a new Cinema Studies Major or Minor ?

Parkour and Filmmaking – Way of Life


Bulgarian director and producer Andrey Hadjivasilev visits AUBG and talks about the free-run sport parkour and his career in filmmaking.

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