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Giving a Voice to the Christmas Spirit

Milostina Krusteva, performing at the Christmas Concert, Dimitar Bratovanov for AUBG Daily

Professor Krotev organized the semestral Evening of Vocal Music concert with the participation of students from the Applied Music Voice Classes at AUBG and the AUBG Choir. Read more about the performances at the event.

From Dreams to Reality

Credits: Anastasiia Hryshchenko

Fourth-year student Baky, founder of "Reverie Sound", is perusing his dreams to become a music producer.

20 Years of Piano


On Dec. 4 Prof. Krotev held a celebratory event in honor of the 20th year since applied piano has been introduced to the University. The event had many small group performances and also a few songs by the AUBG choir.

A Trip to Remember


Find out more about the very successful and whimsical trip AUBG's Choir had in Poland.

A Pianist’s Thoughts


First-year student Anna Stoycheva talks about her artistic side. One that many AUBGers have and can relate to.

Magnificat of the Magnificent

The picture from AUBG Choir's Fscebook profile

The last concert of this semester was performed by the AUBG Choir in the auditorium of Main Building last Friday, November 30.

AUBG Choir Sings in Munich and Augsburg


AUBG choir and Viva Voce Choir bring Western and Eastern Church music together.

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