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AUBG Hosts 10th Model United Nations


Find out more about the 10th annual edition of AUBG MUN which took place on Feb. 23- 25.

The New Chinese Documentary “Under the Dome”


Read the world overview of the Political Science Club. This time the topic is a documentary on China's pollution problem.

G20 Summit 2014

download (6)

What happened at the G20 Summit 2014? Learn about negotiations and decision with the POS Club and AUBG Daily.

New Wave of Protests: Hong Kong


Another country, another wave of pro-democratic protests. Learn about the situation in China and Hong Kong with the weekly world overview.

AUBG Has Its Own Eddie Sedgwick


Sometimes nothing is more stylish than short hair combined with some amazing earrings!

Blagoevgrad’s Global Village


Foreign AIESEC interns are going to teach at high schools in Blagoevgrad.

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