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Modern-Day Slavery

Steliyana Yordanova for AUBG Daily

Learn more about the different types of human trafficking, the schemes that are used to attract people and ways to get involved in preventing this from happening.

A Joke Turning Into a Disqualification: Student Government Elections 2017


Offensive propaganda including a Serbian war criminal, a tiger and soldiers stirred the Student Government Elections of 2017 and led to the disqualification of a candidate. Learn more about the case with AUBG Daily.

Abide By The Rules: AUBG Student Government


This year's Student Government elections were marked by a disqualification of a Senate Candidate. Are students and applicants aware of the rules of conduct of the SG?

Challenging Extremism Course: Making Social Impact from a Classroom


How can a student make a social change while just sitting on their chair at class and actively participating? Find out more about the new Special Topics course Challenging Extremism.

The Hungry Griffin Changes Overhaul


The Dining Services welcome the Spring 2017 semester by introducing several changes to the Hungry Griffin and the AUBG cafe.

Will Bulgarian Politicians Get Serious This Time?


After a wave of protests, Bulgaria is ready for another round of elections, or is it ?

Google Online Marketing Challenge

sign up for GOMC

Find out more about the Google Online Marketing Challenge - a real life marketing campaign that can bring you amazing prices!

The Next Big Thing


On the "Team Brand Campaign Proposal" event students face each other in a competition for best advertising campaign. The results are out.

AVON Presentation and Case-Study Competition


A seminar on Domestic Violence,organized by AVON and PR and Motivation Club, will be held in AUBG on Wednesday, November 28.

“Help Bistra!”


This is the story of Bistra Nikolova, an AUBG graduate of class 2000.

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