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SG Elections Results


AUBG Daily presents the results of the SG Elections 2015-2016.

SG Elections 2015 – 2016


Learn about the upcoming SG elections, the candidates, and their goals.

StartUP@Blagoevgrad 2015

Copyright: StartUP@Blagoevgrad

For a fourth consecutive year, StartUP@Blagoevgrad will gather entrepreneurs, investors, students, and ambitious young people at their annual conference.

BoT Resolution: Optional SAT Scores


The Board of Trustees approved the removal of the SAT and ACT exams as a requirement for admission.

SG Elections 2014-2015


The Student Government online elections for the academic year 2014-2015 will take place on Friday, April 25. The SG President will be elected by a majority of 50%+1 votes. If none of the candidates achieves the required quota on the day

AUBG’s New President ?


The new AUBG President will be determined quite soon ! Here is the vision of the first candidate to visit our campus.

November: The Entrepreneurship Challenge

ent challenge

This Fall is the time for SG's edition of the Entrepreneurship Challenge. Find out the latest exclusive information for your future business plans !

Q& A on the Student Report to the BoT

source: blagoevgrad.eu

The time for submitting the first Report to the Board of Trustees (BoT) is approaching. By the end of the month students should be ready with their demands, concerns and suggestions. Here is a summary of the Board Book from

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