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The Faces Behind the War – “Mortal Men, Immortal Warriors”


After two years of London and his team’s cumulative effort, the book “Mortal Men, Immortal Warriors” made its way to the book market on Apr.30, 2018, introducing its readers one different face of war. Learn more with AUBG Daily.

The Art of Imagination: AUBG Professors Present Their Books


AUBG literature professors showed a different side of them as writers and authors of books.

Publish or Perish

Photo credit: Anna Bashuk

The Panitza Library presented the collection of essays “Atheism and Deism Revalued: Heterodox Religious Identities in Britain, 1650-1800” by Prof. Diego Lucci.

“A Good Poetry Speaks for Itself”


On Jan. 28, the Panitza Library and the AUBG Literary Society presented the poetic journal “Prophetikon” by Prof. Filitsa Mullen.

“Fly in the Head” and the Literary Society


The Literature Club started the semester with a reading of "Fly in the Head," AUBG's literary magazine.

The Great Trembling

Photo Courtesy of www.zdravjivot.org

Spiritualist Georgi Izvorski presented his new book " The Great Trembling" on Monday, October 15th.

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