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Turning 20: More Honors Academy Awards 2017


With a spectacle, filled with laughter, creative videos and theatrical performances, the More Honors Academy celebrated its 20th birthday.

Celebrating the Legacy We Build – Radio Aura and AUBG Musicals

Radio Aura and Broadway performance club at their birthday parties, Dimitar Bratovanov for AUBG Daily

Read more about the festivities surrounding Radio Aura's 24th birthday and Broadway Performance club's 10th anniversary.

PolCa Celebrates Its First Birthday


PolCa, a local café & deli, celebrated their first birthday this Friday. Take a look to learn more about it.

Olympics: Grand Opening Ceremony


The Olympics crew organized the first Grand Opening Ceremony to celebrate the 10th birthday of the club.

The History of Radio AURA


A documentary screening was organized by AUBG Documentary Movie Club and Radio Aura to honor the 22nd birthday of the radio.

Radio AURA Celebrates its 19th Birthday

191032_10150113746912091_64160682090_6986539_785709_o (1)

Radio AURA is going to celebrate 19 this Friday, March 23. The birthday party in Graffiti will have a special guest and a lot of surprises.

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