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A Comradeship for a Professor’s Legacy: ABF’s Communist Posters


A temporary or a permanent communist poster exhibition of the late Dr. Cosmina Tanasoiu? Find the answer with AUBG Daily.

A Cold Peace or Economic War?


Our weekly world overview prepared by the Political Science Club at AUBG. Read about the fall of the Berlin Wall and a crucial economic deal.

Remembering 1989: Professors

Berlin wall

AUBG professors shared their memories on the fall of the Berlin wall.

Remembering 1989: The Conclusion


"Remembering 1989: 25 Years After the Fall of the Berlin Wall” series took place in AUBG to remind students on the significance of the historical event.

The Celebration of United Europe Began


"The Remembering 1989: 25 Years After the Fall of the Berlin Wall" series opened with a documentary screening and an exhibition of propaganda posters.

Film and Cocktails


British filmmaker, John Burgan comes to AUBG to talk about his documentaries and screen shorts made by students of Newport Film School.

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