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MultiTalent Quest Chapter II: Going International

AUBG MultiTalent Quest, photo courtesy of https://www.aubg.edu/

On Feb 16-18, AUBG alumni, faculty, staff, and students joined together to host the first international MultiTalent Quest event on campus.

History, Poetry and Something More: Ilko Drenkov


Ilko Drenkov - much more than the Hall Director of Skaptopara II.

AUBG, If You Love Them, Let Them Go

Gent Carrabregu.
Source: personal archive

The Political Science Department welcomed AUBG alumnus and the new associate professor Gent Carrabregu.

Flame in Sochi and Flames in Bosnia


This time on the political arena: Sochi, Ukraine, Bosnia and Herzegovina and Kosovo. Brought to you by the AUBG Political Science Club.

”Village without Women”

village without women

A Serbian documentary telling the story of three brothers living in a remote womenless mountain village.

Perpetual Interests


British interests on the Balkan soil; Dr. Ilko Drenkov explained on Wednesday, November 21, BAC.

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