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Beyond Gender Norms


Learn more about the talk that took place on March 26 as part of the "Hopeful Bulgaria" project initiated by the Adjunct Instructor in the JMC department Diane Rubino.

Senior Blitz Vol. 2


Here comes another group of graduating students, who shared their AUBG experience.

A Special Blitz Featuring AUBG Daily Members Vol. 1


It is time to say goodbye to the senior members of AUBG Daily. What do they expect from life and what is their legacy to the club?

Senior Speech: Kristiyan Dimitrov


Our next senior speaker is Kristiyan Dimitrov!

Honors Convocation Vol. 22

Presidential Medalist Timur Huseynov with AUBG President Kevin Aspegren

AUBG students were recognized for their outstanding achievements at the twenty-second Honors Convocation.

The Secrets Behind AUBGTalks


AUBGTalks organized a workshop to shed light on the working process behind producing a successful video material.

Banter, Beer, Brownies


The Journalism and Mass Communications Department hosted its annual welcome reception this Wednesday, Sept. 17.

Perfect Money


Is Bitcoin truly the currency of the future ?

Focus on the Future: Internet Marketing 101

internet n education

Is a diploma ever enough? The Internet Marketing's secrets unveiled.

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