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Tom Stanev – What Does it Take to Trade on the Energy Market

Tom Stanev speaking with students about Masters Programs, Dimitar Bratovanov for AUBG Daily

Have you ever wondered how does the Energy Market in Europe operate? Learn what Tom Stanev, an AUBG Alumnus, has to share from his professional experience as a power trader.

Hewlett Packard Enterprise Day on Campus


Hewlett Packard Enterprise's talent acquisition consultants came to AUBG on Feb. 15. Learn more about their visit and the knowledge they shared.

From a Hobby to a Career


AUBG alumnus Petar Trifonov shares his experience after graduation and what it has taught him.

Should I Stay or Should I Go

Photo by: http://www.njpta.org/education

Nowadays students often have to make a decision between studying in their home countries or abroad. Is there a better choice?

A Whole New Level of Teaching


AUBG alumnus Ivan Stoykov shares his experience as a math and philosophy high school teacher.

Alumna Ready to Conquer Registrar’s Office


Yet another AUBG graduate comes back home to help current students.

A taste of the Real World with Adecco

image courtesy of sandiego.jobing.com

Insight into the Bulgarian labor market, job opportunities and fostering your career

AUBG Alumnus Shot in Sofia

Yordan, Dancho, Dinov  from the "Truth about Dancho Dinov" Facebook page

Yordan (Dancho) Dinov, 39, AUBG alumnus and the Bulgarian representative of the Austrian “Sky Sport 365”, was shot in central Sofia on Wednesday, April 4.

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