Son of AUBG Security Manager Arrested in USA

Written on:June 12, 2012
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Dimitar Vangelov, 27. Source: CBS Chicago

Dimitar, son of AUBG head of security Ilko Vangelov, was arrested 3 months ago in Chicago, Illinois. He has allegedly defrauded financially more than 300 people.

Vangelov is said to be living a lush life, renting an apartment in the luxurious Trump Tower in Chicago and driving a Mercedes-Benz. His reported income, however, did not cover his expenditures and his 8 credit cards led to the bank accounts of other people.

Vangelov Jr. may have had an accomplice in the id theft scheme he carried out. He is currently held on $25,000 bond that he has to pay with legal income.

Sources: CBS Chicago,


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