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Written on:February 21, 2012
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The fourth week of this semester’s AUBG Soccer Championship started on Monday, Feb 20. A total of 13 teams had signed up to compete on the fields in Pirin Sports Hall each week.

Two matches were played on Monday. Black Eagles lost from Wicked Sick with 0:2 and Macario’s Team won against Anakonda with the stunning 9:0.

For each win, a team gets 3 points and  for each draw – 1 point. No points are taken for losses. Goals scored, goals conceded and the goal difference for each team are also noted in the table.

The current standing places the team of Wicked Sick at the top with six wins, a draw and no losses. Black Jaguars have no losses either but are two matches short and therefore occupy the second place. Third is the team of Tirona VK with four wins and two loses.

Take a look at the complete current standing here:

Soccer Club president, Martin Popov, explained that players this semester are often resistant to the referee’s decisions regarding the suspension of a player. However, the rules of the Championship remain the same as last semester’s. A yellow card takes the player out of the game for two minutes. In case of a goal for the opposite team during the suspension, the player comes back automatically. If a player receives a red card he is suspended till the end of the match, but another player can come into play 5 minutes after the suspension. Again, if the opponents score before the 5 minutes have passed, the new player comes in automatically.

To keep the excitement and tension in the Championship, Popov promises some additional prizes apart from the usual medals.

Take a look at the schedule for this week and support your favorites!


21:30   Wicked Sick vs. Nachut F.C.

22:15   The Mighty Ducks vs. Sen Tropez


20:30   Patriots vs. Anakonda

21:15   Black Jaguars vs. Black Eagles

22:00   Steaua vs. Macario’s Team


20:00   TBA

21:00   The Mighty Ducks vs. Macario’s Team

22:00   Steaua vs. Tirona VK


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