Soccer Update – Week 6

Written on:March 20, 2012
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The first week after Spring break brought some changes in the Soccer Championship at AUBG – a team less and unpleasant surprises for some of the players.

The team of S.S. Blatoto was disqualified this week after they did not show up for several games. A technical win was marked down for all other teams who played or were going to play against the disqualified team. All goals that were scored against S.S. Blatoto are therefore canceled. Here is the updated list of the top goalscorers after the changes:

Take a look at the current standings as of the end of Week 6 right below!

On Wednesday, March 14th, the match between Steaua and Macario’s Team was suspended because a player from Macario’s team broke his arm during the game. Only 17 minutes from the match were played and the game will be continued next week. So far the score is 1:0 for Steaua.

If you want to experience some of the tension in the soccer matches, check with the schedule for this week and join the euphoria!


20:30   Nachut vs. Macario’s Team

21:15   Sen Tropez vs. Patriots


21:30   Patriots vs. Macario’s Team

22:15   Wicked Sick vs. The Mighty Ducks


20:30   Sen Tropez vs. Macario’s Team

21:15   Black Jaguars vs. Anakonda


20:00   Anakonda vs. Black Eagles

20:45   Steaua vs. Patriots

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