Soccer Championship Final

Written on:April 20, 2012
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And the winners are....

The final match of the AUBG Soccer Championship took place on Wednesday night, April 18, when the teams of Wicked Sick and Black Eagles played for the golden medals. After a passionate and quite intensive game, Black Eagles became the Champions for this semester.


During the first half each team scored one goal. Mario Grachenov from Wicked Sick, andĀ Erald Pengili fromĀ Black Eagles marked the goals.


Silver medals for Wicked Sick

The second half was more intensive. In a period of 5 minutes the two teams exchanged goals again. This time the goals were scored by Nderim Rexhepi (Black Eagles) and Petar Kolarov (Wicked Sick).


The winning goal for Black Eagles was scored in the very last minute in a quick counter attack by Roland Rexhepaj. As soon as the last signal from the referee was heard, Black Eagles’ supporters from the audience ran on the field and started praising and congratulating their team.

Black Eagles - the new Champion



In the end of the game both teams received their medals. Black Eagles received the AUBG Soccer Championship Cup and will keep it till someone challenges them again in the fall.

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