SG participated in ESF in Lithuania

Written on:March 22, 2012
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Two members of the Student Government at AUBG were invited for a visit to the LCC International University in Lithuania. Senator Ivan Stanchev and Vice president Tim Koroteev participated in the European Student Forum (ESF) on February 24-26, organized annually by the Student Council at the Lithuanian Christian College.

Participants in the Forum were divided in committees within which they were to debate on certain issues and come up with their own solutions. Stanchev took part in the Constitutional Committee since he is a representative of the same team in SG, and Koroteev joined the Education and Training Committee. All resolutions voted in favor were sent to higher institutions of the European Parliament.

Koroteev found some similarities between LCC and AUBG but some stunning differences, as well. The Lithuanian Christian College celebrated its 20th anniversary this year just like AUBG, but “the number of students at LCC is almost twice as small as at AUBG”, Koroteev said. Students are offered fewer options on majors and they are required to take some courses on religion. According to him, the students there are not offered any work-study positions but rather they volunteer to do such duties. What is even more curious is that professors teach on voluntary basis and do not get paid at all!


The Student Government at AUBG accepts invitations from other universities in order to exchange ideas and experience. After the trip to Lithuania, the SG and the Student Council at LCC are working on establishing an exchange program between the two universities.

The SG received an invitation for a visit to Rome, Italy later this year. A previous conference in Italy some years ago led to the introduction of the online elections at AUBG.

Photos are provided by Gala Kiptsevich, student at LCC International University.

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