Radio AURA Celebrates its 19th Birthday

Written on:March 21, 2012
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This Friday, March 23rd, Radio AURA is celebrating its 19th birthday. The team has organized a small cocktail for its alumni and big party in Club Graffiti for its fans with a lot of surprises and a special guest.

18th birthday of Radio AURA

Radio AURA was founded in on March 14, 1993 by AUBG student Hristo Grozev, and has been run by AUBG-ers ever since. It has been an asset for both the university and the Blagoevgrad community, giving the town a fresh young station to listen to, and students – the opportunity to have practical experience in the field of electronic media.

AURA has not been broadcast neither on air, nor online for the past year due to the transformation period the radio is going through. During the hiatus, AURA has undergone reconstructions and should start airing at least online by the end of this week in an upgraded version, featuring the annual all-day-long broadcast with alumni and current members on Friday.

The upcoming birthday can be considered a celebration of tradition, as well as a fresh start. The organizers of the event have invited singer Nevena Tsoneva, winner of the Bulgarian Music Idol, and promised that there would be surprises for their guests in Graffiti.

“What the surprises are, you will see when you come,” said Malvina Ilieva, Sales Director at the radio.

The party on Friday brings the most excitement to the current AURA team. “I hope it’s going to be epic,” said Rafie Drencheva, a news-person and a host at Radio AURA. The radio is valued by the people working in it, because of its special atmosphere. “AURA is a place where I can express myself, share my thoughts with the rest of the world,” Drencheva added.

18th birthday party celebration at Club Graffti


When the radio gets back on air, it will have an entirely new range of shows. Broader topics will be discussed, in order to fit every taste, and in addition to the shows in Bulgarian, there will also be ones in English, Russian and Albanian. Again, any further details will become clear when AURA is all set to start but one thing is sure; it will be AUBG oriented now, more than ever.

“I would like to thank everyone for supporting us during the year that passed,” said Tanya Pushkova, General Manager of AURA. “They have been coming to our parties, and talking about us, […] and we can assure you that we are coming back for the best,” she said.

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