Q&A with President Sullivan

2 Responses to Q&A with President Sullivan

  1. Georgi Dobrev says:

    Dear Kiril.

    Thank you for your inquiry into the alumni take in regard to the new students’ academic capabilities. Please note the following subhead clarifications: President Sullivan himself referred to(without naming) the group/certain individuals in the alumni constituency who have made that statement at a given point in time. The fairly recent comment is in no case indicative of or supportive of the idea for such a synchronous opinion by the entire alumni community of more than 5000 graduates.

  2. kiril says:

    For the following sentence. What alumni? Do they have names? What do alumni know about the quality of new students? Do they have access to registrars or admissions? “Despite the assertion of President Sullivan, some AUBG Alumni have noted that the quality of the new students is, in fact, decreasing.”

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