Prom night take 2

Written on:April 15, 2012
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In high school, I really had no interest in going to prom, homecoming or any other school-run dances for that matter. I just went because everyone says you HAVE to. It’s high school prom, how can you miss that?

Of course, I had to endeavor the whole system of prom preparation.

Step 1: Buy a dress and heels.  I do not wear dresses.  I certainly do not wear heels.  Maybe once a year if I’m feeling adventurous enough.  That was my one and only time that year.

Step 2: Get a tan.  Anyone who has seen me around knows I’m as white as a ghost so this was a challenge.  For some reason, I was silly to think a spray tan would suffice.  It did not.  Let’s just say I’m glad I got it a few days before the big day as it lost some of its color.  Orange doesn’t look good on me.

Step 3: Get a manicure.  I’ve never understood the point of getting a manicure because my nails always chip anyway; but for once it was nice to be pampered.

Step 4: Hair styled.  I sat in that chair for over an hour as the stylist continued to put one bobby pin after another in my hair.  By the end of it I feel like I had a birds nest pinned to me.  Between the amount of pins and the hairspray, it took just as long to get everything out.

Step 5: Make-up.  I doubled-dated with my friend at the time and she decided to get her make-up done at a salon and I was just going to do my own.  I was happy with my decision; she looked like a doll.  And not in a good way.  I guess the saying is true, “less is more.”

After all of this, prom wasn’t even that great.  It was held at the Hyatt Regency Tamaya Resort right down the street from my house so we thought it was pointless to take a limo like so many other people were doing.  At the door, they were actually administering breathalyzer tests to some people who looked “suspicious,” and yet were handing out “flower vases” that literally looked like a quadruple shot glass.  This of course was used by many in this way after the dance.  We danced a little, talked a little but it was nothing eventful.  All that hard work for nothing.

So imagine my lack of excitement upon hearing the theme for the SG party.  I didn’t want to relive another prom.  On the day of the party I was sure I wasn’t going to go but friends convinced me after saying how there won’t be much longer to really enjoy my time out here and to dress my best.  They had a point.  So that’s exactly what I did.

I scavenged for my only pair of heels that was collecting dust under my bed and took out the dress I was saving to wear for the perfect night.  I did feel uncomfortable, and my feet were killing me, but I was determined to savor the night and break out of my comfort zone.  Being in the company of great people helped the most.  We danced the night away, enjoyed a few drinks (maybe more), and made some unforgettable memories my high school prom didn’t provide for me.  I even almost forgot the discomfort of my heels.  I was too busy enjoying the moment.  This was definitely no typical “prom,” but I’m not complaining in the least.

Now when I look back, I’m going to remember prom as it should be.


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