Phaeleh in Bulgaria

Written on:February 20, 2012
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Matt Preston, or Phaeleh (pronounced “fella”), shook the roof of club Mixtape 5 in Sofia on January 28. The beats were hot, the vibes were contagious and everyone had an amazing time.

The musician and producer from Bristol marked his first visit to Bulgaria with an over-amplified warbling bass that gave the feeling of non-gravity. Or put in simple words, after you jumped you could hang there, in the air, for several seconds more than usual.

The classically trained fellow from Britain crafts his music in the fresh genre of intelligent dubstep music. By classical I emphasize that his tunes are far from the recently emerging inharmonic mixture between electro and dubstep (Skrillex). Phaeleh’s style borders with IDM and the key ingredient he adds to it are the gentle, melodic vocals present in songs like Afterglow and ¬†Breathe in Air. His focus falls more on aerial textures and melodies rather than seismic rattlings of bass drops.

Photographer: Emil Kazakov

The people who organized the event are the guys from Platform and Mixtape 5. Platform is a promoting crew for dubstep and urban culture from Sofia. Since it was Phaeleh’s first time in Bulgaria, local DJs from the crew cheered and screamed to make him feel at home. Their electric moods transferred to the crowd playing shy in the beginning. Till the end, though, there was not a single soul that did not sing, scream, or stare with pure joy.¬†Mixtape 5, a bass haven for Sofia clubbers, has a long tradition of throwing parties involving world-level DJs and artists such as Ed Solo, Psycho Realm, Badklaat and more.

Vehement party fiends had a time of their lives in Mixtape 5. Certainly, they expect this trend of capable foreign artists visiting Bulgaria to continue growing, and if the artists are on Phaeleh’s level they would be most satisfied. Dubstep fans in the country, who view parties not as an arena to expose aggression and indulge in experimentation, saw this event as an initiation. One of a different and refined style appearing on the Bulgarian music stage, contributing to its diversity and popularity.

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