Meet The AUBG European Youth Parliament Club

Written on:February 24, 2012
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From left to right members of the club: Mychailo Oleschuk, Roxana Khmelevskaya, President Alina Synyavska, Secretary Sophia Volkhonskaya, Vice President Ruslan Azarov (back) and Mikita Scherbak

AUBG European Youth Parliament (EYP) club talked about their future plans in the Balkanski Academic Center, Thrusday, February 23.

The club aims to organize mini-sessions, by the model of EYP, discussing European political and social issues.

Their immediate goal is to select three delegates for the 69th EYP International Session in Istanbul, one of the most important sessions for the year. It will be held in the end of March. Alina Synyavska, president of AUBG EYP, promised to provide the application form on the Facebook page of the club and send it via email.

The AUBG EYP club was established last year by freshman Dmitri Grama whose presidency Synyavska inherited after his resignation. In March 2011 the club organized a mini-session on campus including up to 50 people from AUBG. Five delegates were sent to the International EYP Session in Athens and a semester later three more delegates went to Zagreb.

“EYP is a huge platform for political discussions, in the sessions we discuss huge, hot topics of Europe,” said Synyavska.

“It broadened my perspectives, it managed to build me as a person in a better way,” said Nina Brkuljan, a delegate in one of last year’s sessions.

President of AUBG EYP Club Alina Synyavska and Vice President Ruslan Azarov

Synyavska presented the structure of the EYP, starting with the different sizes of sessions, officials represented, and the committees – the students-delegates, divided in teams, each team with a different problem to tackle, aiming to come up with a resolution on it.

“The most brutal part,” as Synyavska put it, of an EYP International session is the final General Assembly meeting which debates the committees’ resolutions. After a 3-round debate, defense and general discussion of the resolutions, there is a vote. If a resolution passes, the EYP brings it to the European Parliament or the European Commission. An example of such resolution originating from the EYP and implemented in the European Union is the Erasmus Mundus exchange program for students. “It [EYP] has a huge impact of us doing it,” said Vice President Ruslan Azarov.

In between the sessions, the AUBG EYP club organizes forums and conferences for people to develop their skills at discussions, debating and negotiations.

The club is also looking for new members to help with organizational work.

After experiencing EYP, Sophia Volkhonskaya, Secretary of the club, has a better understanding of its significance. “EYP is better awareness of EU politics – you would be surprised how young people are involved into what is going on in Europe and how they actually fully understand, and are fully aware of how and what they can influence,” she said.  The fact that a 15-year-old brings arguments about EU politics and wants changes to be implemented is “at times very scary,” she added.

AUBG students attending the presentation were interested to apply for sessions

“EYP is a path to your future success if you play your cards right,” said Volkhonskaya.

“I think it’s a great opportunity for all the young people who are into European politics and I will probably apply for the club,” said freshman Valentina Stevanovic after the presentation.

For applying also for the 1st National EYP Session in Montenegro, follow the link to the official EYP page


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