“HELP Snejanka” Charity Exhibition

Written on:April 22, 2012
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       The Women in Business Club organized a charitable exhibition on Friday evening, April 20, under the slogan “Help Snejanka” to support a 12-year-old girl, Snejanka, in her fight with epilepsy, poliomyelitis and hydrocephalus. The event took place in the Regional History Museum and was organized with the help of Rotaract and Rotary Club Blagoevgrad – Centrum.

This is the third auction that the Women in Business Club is organizing. The previous times, the members concentrated on larger institutions such as the Home for children deprived of parental care in Blagoevgrad or homes for elderly people in the region. However, this time they decided to help a particular person.  “We were looking for a particular person – a young girl or boy that needed surgery or medication,” explains Yana Hristova, President of the club.


The ladies in the club started looking for potential requests for help on Facebook, but they encountered several fake ones. “The pages had bank accounts where you could transfer the money but no telephone number or any contact information,” Hristova explained. Then suddenly, one day they came across an announcement from Snejanka’s mother.


Snejanka suffers from epilepsy, poliomyelitis and hydrocephalus. She had already undergone one surgery but it was unsuccessful. Now, she has been appointed another one which has to be done in Israel. Her mother has raised the money for the surgery but does not have any funds for their stay in the country and the recovery period. This is what the Women is Business Club is trying to help them with. “Snejanka and her mother are flying to Israel on April 22 so we are hoping to surprise them with the amount raised tonight,” said Hristova.


    The exhibition consisted of various works of art created by AUBG students and friends of the organizers. Most of them were water color or wax paintings, lithography or photography. Only three paintings were sold at an auction; the other works were sold with a minimum price and people could give as much as they wanted. The event was attended mainly by AUBG students, a number of professors, and members of the Interact, Rotaract and Rotary Blagoevgrad – Centrum clubs. The amount of money raised was more than 1300 leva, and it will all be transferred to Snejanka’s account to further help her in the medication and recovery process.


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