Forget “No Meal Plan:” We Will Pay

5 Responses to Forget “No Meal Plan:” We Will Pay

  1. […] he told the students at the meeting of the Student Government on Oct. 19, only two companies officially submitted their proposals even though five applied initially. […]

  2. The Uncalled Preacher says:

    tratsi in Georgian means ‘liquid shit’, and kuli means ‘fart’. You can imagine the fun Georgian students have with President Stratsi Kulinski. Bless this guy!
    The More Your Know!

  3. Somebody says:

    I think there might be some money going into the pockets of the administration… What do you think guys? I think we should investigate!

  4. Nikolay Stankov says:

    Can’t wait for Struma to Copy/Paste this into Google Translate.

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