Federation of American Football and the AUBG Griffins

Written on:March 13, 2012
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American Football is not very popular, nor developed, in Bulgaria. That is why the team from Sofia – Sofia Bears – wants to make a licensed and legitimate American Football Federation, where teams can receive money from the government, which will help the sport gain some popularity. In order to establish it, three teams from different regions need to sign up.

There was a team in Pleven, but their registration had expired, so they had to file for registration again. Most of the members had gone away, however, and were not able to renew their membership. Thus, a new team with a new name had to be gathered and registered. Young players from Pleven managed to organize and gathered the sum needed for the registration, which is 500 leva.

AUBG Griffins also wanted to participate in the new Federation. But, since the club is an organization within the university, it cannot be registered as an active club in the Federation. Therefore, the only option left was for a NGO to be established.

“At the beginning, when we tried to register the team, the problem was that we had to establish a NGO which requires to file some documentation in the court and to have board of directors,” said Bilyana Vacheva, who was responsible for the team’s registration.

The members of the Griffins were reluctant and they did not want to take the responsibility of establishing new organizations, since most of the students are going to graduate in 2 or 3 years and after that they cannot participate in the club membership.

“We needed to find someone who is from AUBG’s administration in order to be someone staying in Blagoevgrad and not students, who change every year,” said Vacheva.

Sofia Bears’ lawyer Boris Mutafchiev was informed about the problem and contacted AUBG’s Sports Director, Jason Nedelchvev. Mutafchiev will help with the establishment of the NGO, under Nedelchev’s management. After this is done the Federation of American Football can be established and can function properly.

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