Comments on the Canteen and the Increase in the Meal Plan

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  1. […] the Spring 2016 semester, 298 students signed a petition initiated by the Student Government. Through the petition, the students expressed their discontent […]

  2. […] and the budget of the Student Government. Over the past years, the issues with the meal plan and the increasing tuition fees were part of an ongoing debate within the AUBG community. The […]

  3. Simo Barefoot says:

    Here is a “free market” for you. The hypocrisy is mind-blowing. Instead of investing in dorm facilities and more kitchen amenities to allow students from more humble backgrounds to live a proud life as part of the community, the university decides to “shear” all students, stripping them of financial freedom and limiting their choice on where to eat. Good job, AUBG!

  4. Just Happened to Be Here says:

    Oh, jeez. There’s so much going under the cover in AUBG on the top levels. What a hypocritical wild (and somewhat smart) bunch. We, my fellow inter-classmates, are only a sheep for them. I feel like once upon a time AUBG was based on the right values and with the noble spirit, but in years they (I’m not pointing fingers) have decided it’s high time to prey.. The only way to combat this – demand the transparency of the school’s budget for all students.

    If it wasn’t the case, the budget and all the accounting of the canteen would have already been made a study case for Business Majors to find the ways to make the canteen profitable or at least figure out what eats out the budget and increases the final price for consumers. It’s already been 3 years since ABF was built.

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