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The New App YouLocal Revolutionizes Socializing


Find out more about socializing with YouLocal, one of the latest mobile applications, and its everyday use.

A Note From AUBG Daily’s President

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The last post for the semester - the traditional "thank you" note from the Daily's president.

Senior Speech: Dana Omirova


Second speech for the day by Dana Omirova.

Senior Speech: Konstantina Bandutova


Just a day before the commencement, last addresses from future graduates to the Class of 2015. Up next, Konstantina Bandutova.

Senior Speech: Yoana Savova


A senior speech by an ambitious girl, read the speech by Yoana Savova.

Senior Speech: Anastas Pushkarov


Yet another senior speech, this one is by Anastas Pushkarov.

Senior Speech: Ina Gjika


Meet our next speaker Ina Gjika!

Senior Speech: Kristiyan Dimitrov


Our next senior speaker is Kristiyan Dimitrov!

Senior Speech: Timur Huseynov


Before taking a break for the summer, AUBG Daily decided to give graduating seniors a chance for a final address to their class.

New Award for AUBG

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The modernized web page of AUBG became Institutional Website of 2014.

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