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A Sweater Weather Girl with a Love for Ripped Jeans


“The meaning of life is to find your gift. But the purpose of life is to give it away”

A Tie or a Bow Tie? Suit Yourself!


Vasily Kulev, a first-year student at AUBG, shared the inspiration behind his classy look.

A Mathematician with Style


Kristiyan Iliev, a first-year student from Bulgaria, breaks the stereotypes that mathematicians cannot be stylish.

A Producer with Style


Martin Georgiev, a third-year student at AUBG and the producer of the musical "Burlesque" shared the secrets behind his classy look.

An Artist with Style


Meet Ilian Velev, an artist with style.

A Rock Chic Or A Fine Lady? Why Not Both.

Photo credits to Marina Penkova.

Christina Ivanova shows us her favorite items - from a casual leather jacket to Dolce&Gabbana heels.

Boyish Hair = Feminine Style


Who says boyish haircut can't be feminine?

Two Faces, One Style


They share a room, they share a dream, they share a closet.

COS, INF, Style


Do all girls change the color of their hair alongside with the shifts in their mood ?

Owl in Style


Start the new semester with some freshy-fresh freshman style !

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