Cafe Mafe

Written on:April 24, 2012
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What can be a pleasant escape from the overwhelming reality in Blago? In times when studies are too frustrating and Skapto becomes close to unbearable?

Try Cafe Mafe near the main street. The whole idea behind its existence is to defy the unceasingly growing chalga culture in the region and whole Bulgaria. And books are the connector. You can find a tight but well-constructed array of books, mostly from contemporary Bulgarian writers, but some in English as well. It is a calm place, where you can enjoy a cup of black coffee, while going through the pages of some of the books or enjoying a conversation to the sounds of nice music, ranging from hard rock in the evenings to indie instrumentals during the day. The place is managed and owned by AUBG alumna Denitsa Slavova, originally from Blagoevgrad, and by Atanas Georgiev.

Cafe Mafe Facebook page

Overall, it is a new, different and enjoyable place that everyone should visit . Check out the photos below:


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