Bulgaria Outlook Launch 2012: Get Moving Towards Croatia

Written on:March 25, 2012
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One of the biggest party venues in Europe is about to open its gates again this summer in Croatia. This year, Outlook Festival will take place from August 30 to September 3 on an unearthly fort bringing together bassheads from various locations. The festival, in its fifth year, is recognized as the most massive bass culture and sound system event. The quality of sound and music put aside, Outlook grants opportunities for beach parties in the hot sands, boat riding to the sounds of leading artists, early morning raves, breeze and sunbeams, good vibes, energy and more music with attitude. On top of that, the festival location is placed between the Kvarner Gulf and the Gulf of Trieste, two beautiful nature’s sculptures. This piece of heaven reached Bulgaria last week.

Mensah Anderson at 4km, 2012.

Bulgaria Outlook Launch took place on March 17 in 4KM Party Center. Mensah and Benny Page lighted the crowd in the spirit of the upcoming festival with rumbling bass and funky beats recreating the event’s party tradition. Mensah, representing Bristol, kept his specials for Outlook but broke many glasses in the party arena with his unrelenting bassline penetrating the air. On the Bulgarian side, Solid Circle, Diamondz and Tommy Gun had their chance to spark up the room. This wave of bass music and upbeat future funk was hosted by the local dubstep pioneers from True Badness who set up the event last year as well.

Photo by Emil Kazakov

Once again, the crowd was exposed to dub mutations and had a sweet time. Some were lucky to win bracelets giving them access to the backstage area where all the artists were gathered and had their share of fun. The organizers had more surprises in store for the fans, though. Two people won an amazing time this summer – free tickets for Outlook 2012.

The party did not pass without technical problems; the higher the volume went, the more difficult it was handling the sound system. Also, the third artists on behalf of Outlook did not show up. Instead of BadKlaat, the local DJ from Sofia – Tekniq – took over the mixing front and added some of his favorite beats-and-vocals selections. In the end, all efforts were worth creating an atmosphere that hyped the crowd, the artists and even the wardrobe ladies.

After the launch there is Outlook 2012 itself. Bulgaria hosted a driving teaser that would bring many to Croatia during the late summer months. To get a glimpse of what it’ll be all about, check out this video put together from footage from Outlook Festival 2011… Jaw dropped? Pick it up and get going! :)

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