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A Note From AUBG Daily’s Former President


As the AUBG community starts the new semester, read some last words from AUBG Daily's ex-President, Zora Gouhary.

Skaptopara I Turns Into a Haunted House

Tedis Agolli
Credits to: Desislava Panayotova

Happy Spooky Halloween from Skaptopara I!

PolCa Celebrates Its First Birthday


PolCa, a local café & deli, celebrated their first birthday this Friday. Take a look to learn more about it.

One More Term For Provost Sullivan

Provost Sullivan During the Honors Convocation

Provost Steve Sullivan announced that he will be holding his position for one more year.

Olympics: Grand Opening Ceremony


The Olympics crew organized the first Grand Opening Ceremony to celebrate the 10th birthday of the club.

Bright Colors on Easter Egg Decoration

Credits to Desislava Panayotova

Easter Egg Decoration took place on April 9th, at Skaptopara 2. Take a look here.

AIESEC Country Jeopardy


On Wednesday, April 8, AIESEC Blagoevgrad will organize Country Jeopardy. Find out more about it here.

Populism: Yay or Nay


Dr. Thierry Kochuyt talked on the concept of Populism and its formation. Learn more about it here.

Startup Weekend Blagoevgrad


This weekend Startup@Blagoevgrad will provide you with the opportunity to create and develop your business idea in 54 hours!

Kristiyan Dimitrov – a Student-Teacher


What is it like to experience both sides of the education process - being the student and the teacher? Learn more with AUBG student Kristiyan Dimitrov.

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