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First Issue of the Political Science Bulletin


The AUBG Political Science Club presents its first online bulletin and talks politics.

Hunting or Hunted


The on-campus "Survival" game, organized by the AUBG Residence Life, is here for a second round.

AIESEC Teaches Business in Practice


AIESEC Blagoevgrad organized a day-long conference by the name of "Business in Practice," which brought students and major companies together.

A New Marketing Professor?


Meet Mr. Kenneth Henrie, a new faculty candidate for the position of Marketing Professor.

Blagoevgrad’s Global Village


Foreign AIESEC interns are going to teach at high schools in Blagoevgrad.

The New Admissions Boss at AUBG

Boriana Shalyavska

Enthusiastic and beaming, Boriana Shalyavska was named the new Admissions Director at AUBG.

Christmas Bazaar: Come One, Come All!


"Bon App├ętit" and BCC organized a day-long Christmas Bazaar charity campaigns on December 4, 2012.

Why Smart People Act Stupid


Professor Steven Sullivan talks about the irrational things rational people do.

“Help Bistra!”


This is the story of Bistra Nikolova, an AUBG graduate of class 2000.

Fighting Against Procrastination

Long Night Against Procrastination Poster

AUBGers faced a 12-hour nocturnal battle against procrastination.

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