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AUBG, HP, and Paraflow in a Joint Project


The impovement in the internet system from the past semesters are due to a joint project with HP and Paraflow Communications

The Transatlantic Students Symposium


AUBG professor Mark Stedanovich hosted students and faculty from the US, Germany, and Poland as part of the Transatlantic Students Symposium.

Welcome to Jeopardy!


Welcome to Jeopardy! where professors and students work together and the points actually matter.

The Story Behind “The Last Black Sea Pirates”


Svetoslav Stoyanov, director of "The Last Black Sea Pirates," shared some insights about his first full-length movie.

The Startup Weekend Experience


The Startup Weekend started on Feb. 6 and ended 54 hours later, showing students that it is possible to create a business from scratch.

AUBG and Country Music


Bulgarian country singer Lily Drumeva and her band held a concert at AUBG.

Let the StartUp Begin

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Business students have the opportunity to build a marketing strategy for a real start-up company.

Current Issues @AUBG


President Easton discussed the financial difficulties that AUBG is currently facing..

Media and Conspiracy on the Balkans


Boyko Vassilev, a well-known Bulgarian journalist, producer and TV host, visited AUBG to talk about media and global conspiracies on the Balkans.

The Current Budget Situation


"It is not a crisis, but it is a problem," President Easton said about the current financial situation at AUBG.

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