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A Note From AUBG Daily’s President

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The last post for the semester - the traditional "thank you" note from the Daily's president.

Black Comedy, Light Mood


Learn more about the last play of the theater season, where light and darkness have a whole new meaning.

Premature Student Senate Elections


Student Government (SG) President Mario Grachenov called for premature Senate elections on Jan. 28, 2015.

Senior Blitz Vol. I


Read our traditional Senior Blitz, devoted to a very special Daily owl.

Daily Rage Vol. 5:


Learn more about how "borrowed" a story from AUBG Daily.

A Note From AUBG Daily


After several days of silence in honor of our fellow student Boris Kodikov, AUBG Daily will resume its work, starting with a few thoughts on recent events.

The SBA Did Not Have a Quorum


Learn about the SG goals, the SG budget, and SG, faculty and students' opinion on the lack of quorum, on the SG's performance and on their future plans.

The Winning Entrepreneurs Are…


Who won at the Start-up Program Demo Day?

Daily Rage Vol. 4: Posters Meet Rejection


An AUBG Daily reporter gives her take on the controversial new poster policy and suggests an alternative.

Rise of the Fees: Laundry

Nassya Kralevska, Lectures, Fall 2013, P_by Vesselina Apostolova_4

Another fee at AUBG has risen...What are the reasons; what actions, if any, will be taken?

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