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The SAT Decision Explained Again


Provost Sullivan attended the regular SG meeting for a second time and presented the reasoning behind the decision to remove the SAT requirement on Oct. 22.

President Aspegren on AUBG, Blagoevgrad and the Future


President Aspegren talks about recent changes in Blagoevgrad and the town's relationship with AUBG.

Blagoevgrad : Optimism vs Reality


With the beginning of the new academic year, new big chains open their doors for the citizens of Blagoevgrad and the students of AUBG, but is the city ready to take up the challenge?

YES WE CAN ! Can we ?


Dining Services and the budget deficit revisited - challenges and options for the future of the Canteen?

AUBG Prospective President Vol. 3


Mr. Alan Walker and his wife visited AUBG - will they be our new presidential couple ?

StartUP Day 2


The second day of the StartUp conference in Blagoevgrad - entrepreneurial spirit on a Sunday afternoon!

AUBG’s New President ?


The new AUBG President will be determined quite soon ! Here is the vision of the first candidate to visit our campus.

Soft Power as a Theory for Success


Creating a culture of tolerance and acceptance as a long-term strategy for economic growth and development in Indonesia.

Welcome to Blackboard


A new program providing various options for class development and communication will be introduced to AUBG in January 2014.

A Real Industry Marketing Challenge


AUBG's marketing research students will get the opportunity to test their creativity through an ad campaign for Kamenitza Bulgaria.

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