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AUBG’s New President Vol. 2

The ABF Stuent Center, source:

The new AUBG President will be determined quite soon ! Here is the vision of the second candidate who recently visited our campus.

Student Government Presidential Elections


Posters and Facebook groups, all came together to form a rally for the position. But apart from the visuals, what do the candidates really have to offer?

The Price of Sex


AUBG Documentary Club screened The Price of Sex by Mimi Chakarova on Monday, Feb. 18.

Changes in the Student Government


Student Government welcomed a new senator and elected a new treasurer on a meeting held on Wednesday, January 16.

JMC Professor Goes On WAT


Journalism and Mass Communication professor Melody Gilbert is currently working on a Work and Travel documentary featuring 7 AUBG students.

AUBG Provost Dies Following Car Accident


AUBG Provost Reed passed away in Michigan on Thursday, July 19 from injuries sustained in a car accident.

Grease on a National Tour


Grease's cast started its national tour after having performed three times in Blagoevgrad- Check out the photo-story.

AUBG Alumnus Shot in Sofia

Yordan, Dancho, Dinov  from the "Truth about Dancho Dinov" Facebook page

Yordan (Dancho) Dinov, 39, AUBG alumnus and the Bulgarian representative of the Austrian “Sky Sport 365”, was shot in central Sofia on Wednesday, April 4.

AUBG Top Twenty


The ultimate gathering of alumni Malumni and current AUBGers, AUBG Top Twenty was not just a regular AUBG event, rather a celebration of the AUBG spirit and culture throughout the years.

Nicholas Spina on Democracy and War


Candidate for full-time faculty position in the Political Science department, Nicholas Spina, gave a lecture on Democracy and War in BAC, Wednesday 14th.

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