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Anything New After the Cold War?


Harvard program director on Cold War studies debunks the myths around that era for AUBG students.

The Other Side of The Olympics


Professors Nicholas Spina and Cosmina Tanasoui talked about the political aspects of the Olympic Games.

StartUp OpenCoffee Continues in 2014 with SEP


StartUp@Blagoevgrad presents the Summer Entrepreneurship Program 2014 and AUBG students share experience

RJC Hits Piano Bar


Members of the Rock Jamming club gathered together to rock out before finals

Aspiring PR Specialist Inspires JMC Students


Jenna Wolleman, Account Executive at Edelman Public Relations met AUBG students to talk about PR and the experience of working for a global company

AUBG Meets EU Presidency


Lithuanian Ambassador sheds light over EU Council's current accomplishments and future goals

Taboo or not?


AUBG students take thier first steps towards raising awareness on gender issues.

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