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Following the Fire to Olympics 2014


The 9th AUBG Olympics in a row brought attractive demonstrations and a lot of sports spirit this Sunday, April 27, against the odds of the bad weather forecasts and many rumors of cancellation.

Help Ema

Ema and her mother Nikol, picture from personal archive

Tiny Ema is suffering from a serious condition, and her only chance at getting better is a costly trip to Germany.

Olympics Goes Insane


A full hour of moving faster and digging deeper was organized by AUBG Olympics. The session was based on the now popular Insanity workout by Shaun T.

The Lessons of History


A fresh point of view on the importance of past social events and a shared love for sports ! Get to know Professor Boris Nikolov !

The Melon Hotels 4D Challenge


An exciting new challenge by Mellon gives AUBG students the opportunity to come up with a real-life marketing strategy. It's all about Hotels and it is in 4D.

November: The Entrepreneurship Challenge

ent challenge

This Fall is the time for SG's edition of the Entrepreneurship Challenge. Find out the latest exclusive information for your future business plans !

AUBG-ers Give Business Advice


Three StartUp companies pitched their ideas in front of AUBG students in search of input and business advice.

Alumnus Turned Finance Professor

The thinker

From finance and economics to paragliding and mountaineering. Meet Professor Nickolay Nedelchev, AUBG alumnus, and one of the new faces in the BUS department.

12 Senators and One Outdated Constitution


The new SG has finally been assembled, while attention has been drawn to some of the inadequate rules in the SG constitution, and how they are often being overlooked.

SG Prospective Senators Debate 2013


Here is a brief overview of what was said and promised at this year's senator pre-election debate.

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