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A Glance Into The Business World: Introduction to Trusts


Do you know how to trust? No? Andrea Raimondi makes it all clear.

Opinion | E-voting in Bulgaria: a Leap in the Dark or a Good Plan?


On Oct. 25 the Bulgarian people will have the chance to decide the fate of the notion of e-voting and determine whether it has future in Bulgaria.



The first event of the year to introduce the CSSU and COS department.

Spectacular and Educational Black Light Show


 "The Story of Life" Black Light Show gave an outstanding performance that was both entertaining and educational.

The Cabinet Minister’s Wife – Notions That Still Live Today


The play "The Cabinet Minister's Wife" - stress-relieving and funny, while discussing serious matter.

A Sight for Sore Eyes: Art Exhibition by Maria Hatzopoulou

Art Exhibition by Maria Hatzopoulou

Artist Maria Harzopoulou introduced her exhibition and working techniques.

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