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Smells Like Volleyball Spirit


AUBG Olympics volleyball challenge brings people together through fire of sport spirit.

AUBG Olympics Soccer Challenge


Six teams, one champion, a lot of soccer. Do you need anything more?

On Nestlé and Marketing


A Nestlé representative held a presentation in Panitza library talking about the marketing strategies of the company.

Dimitar Vangelov Arrested for Financial Fraud


Dimitar Vangelov was arrested for financial fraud with bank cards in USA.

Griffins: American Football Reunion


The clash between the Old and Young Griffins - a tradition that keeps the spirit alive!

Suit Up!

Suit up and be awesome on the International Suit Up Day... Barney Style!

Large Drinks and Empty Bottles – BG Party

bg party

BG party to celebrate Bulgarian Independence Day coming up on Friday, September 22.

GriffinBowl 2012


American Football Tournament Griffinbowl has never been more exciting and breathtaking sports thriller.

Federation of American Football and the AUBG Griffins


AUBG Griffins are trying to register in the Federation of American Football in Bulgaria. But it is not an easy task.

Game on !


Ten teams hustle in AUBG Olympics' basketball Challenge to prove who is the biggest baller in town.

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