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The Passion of Tango


Professional Tango dancers Alejandro Chavez and Maria Uzunova came to AUBG to share the beauty of tango and their passion for the dance.

A Fresh Start for the Canteen


The canteen is renamed to "The Hungry Griffin" and its rebranding comes with new services provided, including children's parties and other private events.

Residence Life Asks Off-Campus Students to Come Back


Students, who were given permission to live off-campus for medical reasons in previous semesters, were asked to move back to Skapto.

Monk Dhanissaro and the Peace Revolution

Peace Revolution Bulgaria,‎Mindfulness&Meditation Workshops personal archive

AUBG students practised meditation, guided by a Bangkok monk - John Paramai Dhanissaro.

You’re JMC? You’re Hired!


A job interview workshop was organized by the Society of Professional Journalists. Feedback, advice and tips to launch your career.

The All New AUBG Soccer League


After a series of conflicts, the AUBG Soccer League has new presidents and new rules added to its constitution.

Media Literacy and JMC


Prof. Lynette Leonard applying for a full-time faculty position: her vision of the future of JMC at AUBG!

AUBG Debate club-“Let’s do it!”


A demonstration debate between The AUBG Mooters and members of the Sofia Debate Association exclusively at AUBG!

5-Month Old Nita Likes Her New Home


Nita Lezhava is only 5 months old, but she loves living on campus with her mommy and daddy!

Visa issues explained by Consul General Deborah Campbell


The Consul General of The Embassy of the United States Deborah Campbell gave a talk on the Work and Travel program and possible visa issues.

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