AUBG Golf and Business Club Founded

Written on:April 26, 2012
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There is a new club in town – AUBG Golf and Business Club was officially founded this semester and had its first presentation last week in BAC. This Saturday the club has its first visit of a golf-course near Bansko.

AUBG Daily met with the club’s faculty advisor, Economics professor Andrey Gurov, to talk about the idea behind the club, it aims and purpose.

The idea of a golf club was born 2 years ago as Gurov himself practices this sport in his spare time. He decided that it would also be good for students to try out the sport. “Golf teaches very useful qualities in people,” he said, adding that while all sports are good, golf has a special function – it builds personalities. “AUBG’s task isn’t just to transfer knowledge from us to you, the goal is to form you as personalities,” Gurov said.

The club also includes another important aspect of the sport – communication. “Golf is very tightly connected to interacting with people, be it business-oriented or just on a social level,” said Gurov. This is why the club’s name isn’t just golf, but golf and business, the idea being while playing the sports one may establish connections with people in the areas they are interested in.

Another reason for the club’s foundation proves a matter of recuperation. “When a person is studying it is good for him to distribute his time between different things, not to emphasize only on studying or only on extra-curriculars. In this matter sports help a lot for a quicker recuperation, to be more efficient and to have better sleep,” Gurov said.

The newly founded club has three main aims.

The first one is to support the balance between student’s physical and psychological health. “A sound mind in a sound body,” Gurov said.

The second aim of the club is the desire to create a network encompassing students, alumni administration and professors. “We are trying to create a certain club environment that would help the development of all these qualities we talked about that a graduating AUBG students must possess so as to become a leader,” Gurov said.

Last, but not least, the golf club’s goal is to popularize AUBG as an institution, in terms of recruitment of students or professors or as a fund-raising activity. This could be done by inviting people connected to AUBG in some way, companies interested in AUBG students or non-governmental organizations to events organized by the club, Gurov said.

The actual activities of the club will start next semester and will probably first focus on introduction of students to the specifics of the sport. “In order to play golf you can’t go and play golf,” Gurov said. Students who want to play should first go through a period of theoretical and practical training including study of rules, etiquette and safety as well as technical practice, a period known as getting a “green card.” Upon completion of the training students will get a certificate allowing them to play on the actual golf-courses.

An important goal of the club is to provide an affordable environment for students to play this sport. “The idea is to create the opportunity for the people who already have an idea about golf to play the game at attractive and affordable prices and in good conditions. Individually sometimes this is impossible for a student,” Gurov said. The club is currently negotiating with several golf courses to give AUBG Golf Club members some privileges for training, games and events.

The latter is the ultimate purpose of the club – organizing events to keep in touch with the AUBG community. “The idea is to preserve the connection with graduating students and these tournaments to be something like homecoming,” Gurov said.

The club’s president is senior Mihaela Petrova and a new president will be chosen in September as the club gathers for its annual constituent assembly.

“We will expect in the fall people who are interested in sports and golf in particular to contact us and take active role not only in the activities but also in the developing of the club with ideas about future activities,” said Gurov in conclusion.

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