AUBG Alumnus Shot in Sofia

Written on:April 7, 2012
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Yordan (Dancho) Dinov, 39, AUBG alumnus of the class 1995 and the Bulgarian representative of the Austrian online betting service “Sky Sport 365”, was shot in central Sofia on Wednesday, April 4, leaving behind his wife and his daughter.

Yordan, Dancho, Dinov from the "Truth about Dancho Dinov" Facebook page

Dinov, one of Blagoevgrad’s most respectful citizens, served as the manager of “Sky Sport 365- Bulgaria” and has opened around 100 different clubs across the country. He was pointed as one of the strongest competitors of “Euro-Football”, the first and only private bookmaker house in Bulgaria, which after his death rose as one of the two speculations, spread across Bulgarian media, regarding his murder.  The connection between Dinov and illegal gambling industries was yet another possible option that media discussed. Assuming that the murder occurred on the background of unpaid debts and mafia connections however, Dinov’s relatives and friends find it not only unrealistic but rather impossible.

Ilko Drenkov, Skaptopara 2 Residence Hall Director, and Ivailo Aksharov, Coordinator in AUBG’s Career Center at Skaptopara 1, are in Dinov’s close circle of friends accompanying him since 1986, his student years in Blagoevgrad.  Both Drenkov and Aksharov praise Dinov’s wisdom and intellect and, moreover, portray him as a bright and positive person, whose ability to distinguish between right and wrong was strongly reflected not only through his behavior, but also in his personality.

“He was a very good person, radiant, bright, smiling; positively thinking, positively acting.  A very pure human strength, that stands and holds with radiation of emission and behavior,” said Drenkov, a close friend and Dinov’s best man for his church-wedding in 1999.

“You could ask anyone, that Dancho was not an aggressive person, he was polite, someone, who would have nothing to do with doing something wrong or bad. You wouldn’t think anything bad about him if you knew him” Aksharov added.

Dinov's friends in a procession in him memory (pictures courtesy of

During his student years Dinov was one of the most brilliant high school students, participated in numerous national competitions and Olympiads for which he often won gold medals – in Mathematics, Linguistics and Chemistry.  “He was an exceptional person with exceptional qualities in all spheres of life; a good student with special interest in natural science,” Aksharov added.

After graduating in the first class of AUBG, Dinov started working in the University under the library’s umbrella. He resigned in 2004 after media campaigns peered against him accusing him of illegal gambling using the University computers. “He is very ethical, well-mannered, and tolerant,” said Drenkov, “I think that the University and Dancho parted in a very well-bread way. He took the initiative to leave within a mutual agreement.” Dinov was the one fighting for the case to be unfolded, examined and concluded and after an investigation he was discharged.

“Because I know the essence and personality of Dancho Dinov there is no way he will rise against someone in a rude and uncouth way,“ said Drenkov, when he started to talk about the murder. “For sure he will rise against those who are accustomed to work in those ways while he lays a new, modern and competitive way of thinking and behavior and maybe this is why the conflict is caused; clash of interests and consequently this tragic moment – the murder.”

24 Hours (an example)

Having to deal with the media and their publications about the murder, was yet another burden for Dinov’s friends and family, mainly because of the incorrect information and stereotypes that lead to the besmirching of Dinov’s memory.

“The initial publications about him being a gambling boss and settling accounts imply a negative connotation that consequently contributed little or didn’t contribute at all, to the final result [of the event],“ Drenkov commented and further added more on the lack of detailed information and objectivity in the media reports.

“Things should be assimilated and regulated in such cannons that they can be useful for everybody in our society and not – the happiness of one based on the misfortune of the another.”

Drenkov can’t point at the exact scenario of the murder and yet feels deep frustration towards the Bulgarian democratic system and its weakness in particular:

“This was a hit against democracy, a hit against competition, the open initiative and the open market,” he said. “My silent awe and my silent anger is turned not as much to those who perpetrated or ordered the murder but mostly towards the system which allows the existence of  those eventual perpetrators.“

“This event resembles the early years of transition in Bulgaria […] and in a way it is startling that Bulgaria, an European Union member, allows those types of things to happen. If there was something illegal and incorrect there are respective institutions, legislative and judiciary alike, which should undertake whatever is needed. Conflicts should not to be resolved with bullets.”

The truth about Dancho Dinov - Facebook page

A Facebook page was created, The Truth About Dancho Dinov, in order to shed light on the image of Yordan (Dancho) Dinov and further to reveal the truth regarding the tragedy. ”The page for many friends and relatives”, sums up Drenkov, is “some kind of rehabilitation towards Dancho, an emotional outlet and expression of pain.”

When asked about his first memory of Dinov, Drenkov smiled and said: “The image of his bright, good and gentle smile protrudes in front of me; from the first day of school,” said Drenkov. “Whenever you are worried […] and you don’t know how it is going to be [..] When one person is smiling at you and reaches with his hand  while introducing himself, it makes you comfortable and well-disposed to the situation and the environment. At that moment you find a true friend for the rest of your life.”

“A person that we can’t forget easily – and we won’t forget,” Drenkov concluded.


Yordan Dinov’s funeral will be held today, April 7, at 1 pm after which a procession in his memory will follow. “We will light candles and walk to the Police Station to show them we support them and their ability to do their job properly on this case,” said Aksharov.

At 7 p.m. friends and relatives will gather with candles in front of the Opera House in Blagoevgrad.

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