Anonymous Unleashes Operation ” The Black March”

Written on:February 26, 2012
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The Anonymous organization made a special video directed at Bulgarian citizens to act upon the rejection of ACTA a couple of weeks ago. The video was aimed at the mass audience, addressing the fact that protesting against the document is highly necessary as it also concerns preserving basic human rights, specifically the one to receive and share information freely.

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Although the video contains fallacies in the citations of the specific articles of the Bulgarian constitution, it provides an extremely vocal position on the matter and had a reasonable effect across the online community. Here is a sneak peak of the Anonymous appeal to Bulgaria:Anonymous message to Bulgaria

The most recent update on the Anonymous position is presented in their latest video, this time recorded in Bulgarian. The main focus of the video is intended at a boycott on all purchasing or downloading of books, music, movies or any other product containing intellectual property online. According to the plan of the anonymous organization, this form of protest will happen worldwide, beginning March 1, 2012 and will end by the end of the month, thus causing severe financial losses to those who proposed ACTA. You can take a glimpse of the latest Anonymous video here:Anonymous Bulgaria, Operation ”Black March”

Naturally, such an event could cause an even deeper economic recession and devaluation of goods and services all around the globe, which is economics and business experts’ biggest concern.

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Today, the protest against ACTA is continuing throughout the entire European Union. Blagoevgrad has joined the battle for free Internet access with a protest held today. The protestors’ main aim is to enforce the negation of the document all over Europe. As of now, the European Parliament has still not made its official conclusion on the matter, as the ratification of the scandalous document is frozen until the proper political discussions take place.


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