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Written on:February 21, 2012
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After the first protest against ACTA on February 11 the Bulgarian Government promised to suspend the ratification of the agreement. However, there will be a second protest this Saturday, February 25. Now Blagoevgrad is one of the chosen locations.

Even though the number of participants in the first protest was quite big, many people are still not well informed about the consequences from the passing of such law.

The agreement aims to protect the internet intellectual property and will increase surveillance over user’s web activities. Internet providers will be forced to collect data about their customers, such as browsing history, downloads, torrents, etc. If there is a copyright infringement they will have to provide the necessary information to the authorities which can press charges.

One of the main concerns of protesters is that ACTA will benefit the big industrial corporations and attack the development of new artists and the spread of their works. The censorship might also lead to limited or no access at all to certain content on the internet.

The second protest will be worldwide, like the first one. Its purpose is a bit different, though. It stands to support all the EU countries, like Bulgaria, who are waiting for their governments to vote against the ratification. This protest also aims to stand behind all other countries that haven’t taken an official position on the subject yet.

According to the European law, if most of the EU member states sign the ratification, ACTA will be in power for all European countries. This leaves no choice to the ones that signed the agreement but voted against its ratification.

To all AUBG students who weren’t able to join the first protest in their home countries: Join now and express your opinion! The protest will be this Saturday, February 25 at 12:00. Follow the links below for more information.

Facebook events:

World Protest event:
Protest in Sofia:
Protest in Blagoevgrad:

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