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Written on:February 19, 2012
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Spartak Sofiykov, President

1) Who am I, what are my interests and aims?
“I am Spartak Sofiykov, I am from Sofia. I am currently studying Economics as a major and Political Science as a minor. My interests comprise a broad spectrum of fields – I’m interested in macroeconomics and international finance, and how these two fields intertwine with politics, especially in the recent subprime financial crisis and the current debt crisis.”

2) How can I contribute to the Club and what do I expect to gain?
“I hope to gain practical skills in debating, to gain further insight into the matter that we are discussing and studying in class, to more easily comprehend it and use it when needed. Also I expect to establish myself as an eloquent and self-confident speaker.”

3) What law would I pass in the European Union if I had the chance?
“The currently discussed law for an unified fiscal policy in the European Union. On one hand, it may be seen as breach to sovereignty, but on the other hand I think it is an appropriate long-term measure to prevent future crises.”

This is how Spartak Sofiykov, President of the newly established Students’ Club of Political Science at AUBG, would answer the questions that a prospective member will be asked. The application submission ended on February 14, followed by interviews which were held on Wednesday and will continue on Monday, February 20.
The AUBG Students’ Club of Political Science is a politically independent club which aims at refining students’ knowledge in the fields of politics and economics, and giving them a chance to debate about ongoing political affairs. The purpose of the club is to teach participants how to be good speech deliverers and to share their opinion in a persuasive way.

The idea for the creation of the club came form the Students’ Club of Political Science at Sofia University, says Sofiykov. Some of his friends, members of the club in Sofia, thought of the possibility of creating an affiliate club at AUBG. Sofiykov and Vasil Nikolov, Head Secretary, thought that the multicultural diversity and the multiethnic origin are a suitable environment for organizing discussions and joint ventures with the other club. Members of the Sofia club also helped with the establishment process and gave guidelines for the club’s expansion and future activities.

The first event that the club will host is an open public lecture. In the near future they also plan to organize an interactive simulation which has never been done in Bulgaria – similar to BLIMUN, but more flexible in a way. Meanwhile, you can keep up with their work on a website which will host both the Sofia University and the AUBG Students’ Clubs in Political Science.

Sofia University Students' Club of Political Science, “Why Does NATO Matter in My Life” Debate, Nov 2011

The Student’s Club of Political Science at Sofia University is already well-known nationwide. They have been an active club for a couple of years and currently have more than 3,000 friends on their Facebook account following their activities. An example of an event organized by the club is an interactive rhetoric seminar where speeches, written in advance by the participants, are reviewed by a guest speaker who gives suggestions for correction and improvement. What Sofiykov likes most about that club and wants to bring in the AUBG affiliate is the professionalism put in every activity, the high quality of the work done. As Sofiykov puts it, the Sofia club always presents “the right amount at the right spot.”

Sofiykov wants to emphasize that not all members have to study politics. The only requirement is to be serious and eager to learn. What Sofiykov and Nikolov want to see in future members is originality and awareness of the situation in the world.

“Unfortunately,” Sofiykov said, “many students are still missing the cultural and global understanding of politics and major events that happened recently.” He shared an experience from an economics lecture when an American professor talked about the hyperinflation in Bulgaria in 1997 and half of the Bulgarian students ”stared blankly without knowing what this was.” Sofiykov noted sadly that students want to study in this field but do not know their own history.

Recruitment Poster urging "Be the Change!"

The founders of the Students’ Political Science Club at AUBG urge students to “be the change”, as their poster puts it. “Be the change means to be the one who stands out above the others,” Sofiykov explained. With their club, Sofiykov and Nikolov want to help students make the difference between a “graduating political analyst and an average AUBG student.” They want to see each member a step ahead of the others not only in terms of knowledge, but also in terms of originality and expressiveness.

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